Thank you for poppin’ by.  About me…
I’m passionate about supporting you on your journey because I want to save you the time, money and heartache I endured trying to figure it out.
Your happiness is a priority to me. It’s why I only take on a few clients at a time so I can give you the full weight of my experience, training, energy, and learning to benefit you.

You might think it’s a funny thing that I’m passionate about helping you find love and connection in every area of your life—coming from a reformed narcissist.

For years, I lived life by the book (per parents, teachers, society), yet something was missing. I always felt anxious, tired, and misunderstood. It took some highly regrettable and selfish decisions in my first marriage—and several heart-breaking blows thereafter—to inspire me to finally put on my detective hat and discover how to be happy and find love. I wish I’d known about coaching earlier. It would have saved me lots of turmoil.

You are awesome! Since working with you, my husband and I have managed to create more time to enjoy one another, and as a result -- funny enough -- our sons and business are thriving more than ever! Thank you.Heather Brunsell, Orange County, CA
I’m here to support you at the most efficient and effective level. I’m trained in the CTI Co-Active Coach® Training Program, Reiki Master, certified in ThetaHealing®, and utilize other healing modalities to support your overall well-being. I’m truly blessed to have extraordinary mentors. I’m committed to my continual learning to expand and share my toolset to benefit you for a lifetime.

It’s my genuine desire to support you in every way possible. Let’s just put it this way: if money weren’t a thang, I’d do this for free.

My story…

My hunt for clues to inner joy really began when a new job moved me back near family from Washington, DC to San Diego six months after my divorce.

Around this time, both my parents became deathly ill and were given only a 50/50 chance to live. My first instinct was to escape from it—to book a flight to Oz and leave the country with a hot Australian I’d met before the chaos began. After I’d taken several personal days off work to cope, my boss (and friend) insisted, despite my selfish pleas, that I cancel the trip and help my family.

Scared and feeling helpless, I purposely slowed my life down. Instead of rigorous lunch workouts, I began to walk a little trail alongside a creek across the street from my office. Here, I began to find peace and pray for my family’s strength.

Soon, this little trail became my friend. I listened to the birds sing and noticed the trees sway in the breeze as if cheering me on. I watched the ducks interact. I paid attention to my thoughts. I came to know myself. Out of character, I even saved a baby crow that’d fallen from its nest. Normally, I’d be too busy to notice.

On several of these walks I saw trash tossed carelessly aside on my trail, among my new friends. Out of character, I began to pick it up. Normally, I’d just walk by and think someone else will pick it up.

In time, my parents began to heal. I continued to walk my little trail, gradually shifting my focus to finding love. By now, I’d begun to realize I’d been punishing myself for being a selfish wife to my first husband. I’d become far too giving and easily hurt. Tired of being alone and doing everything on my own, and so over meeting emotionally unavailable men, I wanted support. I wanted love. Not just any love, but a real, healthy, meaningful happy love with a man who showed up for me. A man I respected and found sexy, who in turn respected and adored me.

I continued to walk my trail and release old patterns. I came to trust myself again. I got clear on what I wanted and needed. Ironically, I actually began to appreciate my single life.

Then, in the most fun and unexpected way, I met my husband. I tell that story in my free ebook: Five Simple Steps to Meet Your Love

This became my magic trail because everything I asked for I received. So, I began to ask for more fulfilling work. Then one weekend during a work trip across the country, I had an epiphany. Instead of going to the conference sessions, I stayed in the hotel room and hand-wrote through four spiral notebooks, which are now part of my teachings. I’d found my life’s purpose—to help you on your path. This experience inspired me to donate my suits and quit my six-figure job within a week to live a heart-centered life.

Now, years later, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl living a full and happy life on my terms; dedicated to helping you live a full and happy life on yours.