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Let's heal your chakras to find love and energize your relationships!

There's no need for you to "do life alone" or "feel drained" by your partner any longer.

You’re exactly where you need to be to get clear and have the loving partnership you desire and deserve.

My intention for you is to heal from past wounds, know who you are, what you want and where you want to be, with the confidence to powerfully attract and keep your love, plus so much more.

You’ll learn invaluable communication techniques, deepen your trust of self and others, as well as develop the wisdom to forge ahead, no matter the obstacle, to live the joyful life you desire and deserve. Take a peak below at the tools each Module will give you.

Welcome, Love! This welcome section provides an in-depth introduction with various ways you can begin to raise your vibration to love now.

Module 1 helps you release emotional blocks that may hinder you from having what you truly want, discover how you make partner choices, move fear into faith, and learn tools to bring you prosperity.

Module 2 Get clear on what you really desire for yourself with guided steps to get there. Tap into the depths of the complex, uniquely creative and resourceful you. Learn to utilize your emotions as intuitive cues as to whether you’re on the right path or not.

Module 3 builds your confidence, self-worth, overall physical health and belief systems to support what you want; not someone else’s agenda for you. This Module is all about you getting strong so you don’t sabotage the loving relationship you desire.

Module 4 balances your heart energy to prepare you for the mutually supportive, unconditionally loving and unbreakable partnership you deserve. Here, you will begin to powerfully attract and connect with your partner.

Module 5 strengthens your ability to express yourself and your needs clearly with confidence. Healthy relationships are centered on the ability to both lovingly express our needs and understand our partner’s needs. You will learn invaluable communication skills to endear your partner closer to you and enrich all your relationships.

Module 6 develops your inner knowing and self-trust. Many times when love is new we begin to doubt and question: Is this really ‘The One’? And potentially sabotage the very thing we want. Here you’ll get real clear on how you feel and whether this is the partner for you.

Module 7 access your all-knowing self, rise above fear and doubt to stay in infinite joy, love and trust. Here you'll develop purpose with harmony, courage and confidence.

I'm thrilled to support you on your path toward the most glorious loving, passionate partnership —beyond your beautiful imagination.

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And, let's have fun in the process!

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What people are saying...

Wow, wow, wow, Corie. You’ve put so much time, love, and passion into this program and it shows. I can’t even begin to tell you how blown away I am. I have already seen a HUGE improvement in myself and life so far. I’m just beyond happy this came into my life when it did. I believe it was not by chance. You’ve pushed me to commit and it feels SO GOOD. Thank you for creating this. Beyond grateful.” - Sandra D., San Diego, CA

Badass in Love is the perfect name for Corie’s program. Her curriculum is to the point, and puts you on the right track to finding inner happiness. I highly recommend anyone to follow along, whether or not you’re looking for love. She truly has a passion for helping others find the same fulfillment from life that she now enjoys. I know I’m happier for it.” - John H., San Diego, CA.

“I enjoyed the program so much, I plan on doing it all over again! Honestly, it made me face a lot of issues I needed to deal with. And, I know going through the program again will help. Thank you!”
- Leah C., Bellingham, WA

"I've had several failed romantic relationships. To use the word ‘failed' is bit of an understatement. If there is anyone who should NOT believe in love it's me. Though, I want to love and feel loved, I did NOT believe I was capable of being loved in a romantic way. Corie didn't really know all this. Out of the blue really, I got a call from her sharing with me about her program. I was flattered to be asked to participate. Now, my schedule was insane, I was preparing to move internationally and wasn't really looking for love. I actually thought, 'I'll do the program, give Corie feedback, and learn more about myself, then move overseas.' I really didn't think I'd meet anyone...

And you can guess what happened. Two weeks before I was set to move I met a man. Like a real flesh and blood, honest to God, human man.

Normally, I'd have run away. Old me would've said, 'What's the point, I'm leaving?!'' Normally, I'd have made a list of reasons why this would never work and miss out on a really great thing.

We have a deep soul connection and I haven't felt this way for over 5 years. For the first time in a very long time, I feel I could love and be loved romantically. This might not seem like a big deal to some. For me it's HUGE. The course really opened me up to see where I was avoiding connection and denying what I truly want. This is the first time in years I can even start to admit that I want a romantic and loving relationship.

Corie's program was more than worth the time and money. I don't know how to put a price tag on feeling like I might not be alone forever. It's a good feeling to know the universe is out there willing to help. For me, I just have to remember to stand in my truth and not run away out of fear. I am still accessing and reviewing the modules to help me do just that." - Frances Marvel, New Zealand

“I am absolutely slacking up all the videos and love sheets. I love the small details you put into the program. You’ve been my favorite part of the day. This has been a beautiful experience for me and I learned a lot and more importantly, a lot about myself. I’m so grateful to you, Corie.” - Esther B., Los Angeles

“Corie digs beneath the surface to guide you to get clear about the partner and relationship you want and to open your heart for love. Through her unique and thoughtful Modules, you’ll learn more about yourself, release the past, and be a magnet to attract your love. I highly recommend her program!”- Pauline M., San Diego, CA

“This program is FABULOUS. I love the King Mantra and sound healing in particular. The thoughtful, informative videos are wonderful and the Love Sheets are fantastic resources. Thank you for all the useful “tools” I can use daily to keep my vibration joyful and aligned to receive love. Corie, you’re just a joy to watch and spend time with; the energy frequency jumps up a few notches just by having your voice in the room!” - Katherine M., Escondido

“Corie is an amazing human who radiates love and light. She’s such a positive woman. I would invite anyone who’s ready to step into a more positive life to follow her and get a daily dose of Corie!!”- Jessica D., Tacoma, WA

Meeting Corie was a blessing.  It's hard to find as careful a listener as Corie, which is uncommon in today's world.  Corie's been there when I've gone through relationship challenges, but not JUST to listen; her insight and ability to understand nuances of the masculine and feminine helped me understand dynamics of my relationships I wouldn't have been able to grasp on my own.  She is bright, insightful, and contagiously effervescent, and she's just one of those people you know you can trust from the get-go.  I'm blessed to know her, and there's no doubt I have richer, more vibrant relationships in my life as a result of our conversations.”  - Andy Bayon